Friday, October 30, 2009

Press Release? What Press Release?

I struggled all day yesterday to come up with a press release. I read articles, I looked at samples, I wrote some copy. And all I have to show for it is a catchy title (I think), the first paragraph, and the ending. It is the middle paragraph that has me stumped. The press release, excuse me MEDIA Release (it's not called a press release anymore because of the various ways news is communicated today) is supposed to read somewhat like an article. In fact, if it is really good, the reporter may just use it in its entirety. It is not to come across like a sales pitch for whatever it is you are selling.

In my previous job as Vice President of Marketing for an insurance company, I wrote press releases on occasion. But they always revolved around an internal promotion or perhaps a charitable event. Writing about my book makes it much more personal. So I may find myself in the position of hiring someone to write the press release for me. In the meantime, I'll come up with something to bounce off a writer's group I am meeting with on Saturday. Maybe I'm making this way harder than it has to be.

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