Saturday, February 18, 2012

Class-less in St. Louis?

Thursday I contacted the woman in charge of continuing education at the community college regarding a question I have about my class. The course description indicates that the students receive a workbook as part of their registration fee. In fact over the years the workbook has evolved into an actual paperback book on writing, publishing and promoting a non-fiction book. In the past the author of the book has simply invoiced the college $10 per book, and the instructor passed the books out.

However the author has a new edition of the book out, and it retails for $20. She can no longer afford to sell the books to the college at $10 per book. But the college didn't know this when the course catalog went to press. In fact I didn't know this until a couple of weeks ago. The woman from the college is going to contact the author to see if they can come to an arrangement. If they cannot, I am not sure what will happen. The course follows that book exactly, so it would be hard to teach without it. And I certainly cannot come up with my own workbook in two weeks. But it may all be a moot point. The class so far only has three people registered, and the college requires six in order to hold the class. I will call the woman back on the 24th to see what the registration looks like. At this point if I don't have a book available, I hope there are not enough registrants so I can re-group before the fall semester.

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