Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Memories

Bird's Nest Cake

Today is Easter Sunday and it got me thinking about past Easters in my family. My dad loved to play the Easter bunny, hiding baskets for my brother and me to find Easter morning. He always had a bowl of candy and colored eggs on the counter for him and my mom. He told us that the bunny didn't want the adults to feel left out. My husband and I carried on the holiday tradition with our kids as well. They helped us dye the eggs, but we hid the baskets after they went to bed Saturday night. One year we hid the colored eggs outside before going to Mass so that the kids could have an Easter egg hunt when we got back home. We could not figure out why the kids found so few eggs in the yard. Then we noticed a big crow who swooped down into the yard and grabbed one of the eggs that Andy had found. I guess the birds enjoyed an egg hunt of their own while we were at church. After that we filled plastic eggs with candy and left them out instead. That left the birds with nothing to crow about! What Easter memories do you have? Are you writing the stories down?

Easter 1994


Linda Austin said...

Love this photo, Kim! My mom used to love Easter, maybe more than us kids. She loved getting all dressed up for church and dressing my sister and I in pastel floral home-sewn dresses, sometimes twin dresses. Love seeing the old photos. I still have my little pair of white gloves. We hunted for real colored eggs, too - always in the house. I like the crow story. I used plastic for my kids, with candy or coins inside. It's a little sad when the kids get too old, but I made my teen still at home hunt for eggs, and she liked it.

Mrs. Wryly said...

Oh my, so cute! That is quite the Easter outfit on Ms. Katie. Her excitement and smile are the best accessories ever.