Sunday, February 11, 2018

Family History Writing Challenge Day 11

Kenton County Public Library
In May of 2016 I traveled to the Kenton County Public Library in Covington in search of additional information about Thompson Hightower. Or any of the Hightowers, for that matter. I was cautiously optimistic as I had learned that the library had a "file" on the Hightower name.

I discussed my dilemma on finding Thompson's parents with the librarian, and she reiterated what I already knew - there would be no birth or death record for Thompson. She pulled the Hightower file for me. I noticed that it was painfully thin as she handed it to me.

Hightower file
Inside was a two page letter dated 1989 from a woman in Sacramento, California who was researching Austin Hightower, and his father George Hightower. She had written to the Kenton County Library inquiring as to whether the library had “a Family Surname File that contains the surname Hightower”. How ironic that I should be in the library 27 years later asking for the same information, only to find said Surname File containing her letter. Unfortunately that is all that the file contained, except for the library’s letter in response listing Hightower marriages in Campbell County. Those marriage records are now readily available online.

A review of early Kenton County history books yielded no new information about my Hightower family. Basically what the librarian said to me is, it is obvious that Thompson Hightower lived in this area along with George and other Hightower families as they appear in tax and census records as well as some will indexes. She felt that undoubtedly they were all related. But how? Therein lies the rub.

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