Saturday, March 16, 2019

Wolterman Genealogy - Week 10

In the last post I talked about Bernhard Clemens Determan. This week his father, Johann Wilhelm Determan, is the topic of discussion. Johann was born 24 August 1778 in Lingen, Germany. Lingen dates back to 975, and today has a population of about 57,000. It is the largest town in the district of Emsland in Lower Saxony.

Johann was the son of Johann Hermann Bernard and Anna Gertrude (Knoop) Determan. He married Anna Maria Koelker on 24 September 1801 in Recke, Germany, which is about 39 km (or 24 miles) from Lingen. Johann was 23 and Anna Maria 20 at the time of their marriage.

They had the following children: Christina Elisabeth born 25 April 1803; Johann Henrich born 28 June 1804; Hermann Bernard born 6 November 1807; Anna Maria born 13 August 1808; Bernhard Clemens (whom I wrote about last week) born 17 May 1815; Kathleen Friederike born in 1816; Benedict Richard born 14 June 1821; Herman Bernard 8 July 1823; Maria Caroline born 30 October 1826. Of the 10 children, at least 8 of them came to America and lived and died in Iowa.

Johann died in Germany 18 March 1837 at the age of 58. It is unclear when his wife Anna Maria passed away.

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