Monday, June 18, 2012

Response from Amazon

Tonight I received the following response from Amazon regarding the legitimacy of my ebook, Keys to Unlocking House History:


Thank you for your cooperation in providing the requested information. The following book(s) will continue to be available in the Kindle Store.

Keys to Unlocking House History (ASIN:B005UD7UWI)

If you have any questions regarding the review process, you can write to us at

To contact us regarding a different issue, please visit:

Best Regards,

Aaron W.

While it was unnerving to have to go through the process of proving that I did, indeed, author this book, I am nevertheless relieved to get this email. The fact that they got back to me in only four days is quite impressive. Now I will be prepared if this ever comes up again in the future.


Mrs. Wryly said...

Thankfully they made the right decision and you can put this behind you....

Bella Street said...

I went through this too, but they never responded to my attempts to prove my copyright thru email. However they unblocked my title in the KDP dashboard and started selling it again, so I guess they were satisfied!

Kim Wolterman said...

Bella, glad to hear that things worked out for you too. It was somewhat disconcerting, wasn't it?