Thursday, February 4, 2016

Family History Writing Challenge Day 4

Michael Crusham
Michael Crusham did more than marry the girl next door - he married the girl who lived at the same address as him! The Colgan family had long lived on Mill Street, mostly at the building numbered 57. Michael and his mother also lived at 57 Mill Street in 1887, and it is most likely there that Michael first met Catherine. He was 30 years old, and she was 23 when they married. Michael was thin and of average height, and proud of his Irish heritage. He could dance a mean Irish Jig, and even won a loving cup at Coney Island on Irish Day one year. His children stated that he never lost his Irish brogue.

Catherine was quite petite, perhaps not even reaching five feet tall. She is shown in the center of the photo below with her daughter-in-law and two of her granddaughters. The photo gives perspective to Catherine's height.

Catherine Colgan Crusham, center

Marriage Application

Michael and Catherine appeared before Herman Goebel, Probate Judge, on 6 July 1887 to apply for a marriage license. The Marriage Return at the bottom of the document indicates that Michael Cresham (interesting to note that his last name is misspelled) and Catherine Colgan were married on 21 July 1887 by John M. Mackey, a Catholic Priest. They may have been married at Saint Peter in Chains Cathedral at 8th and Plum Streets as that is where John Mackey was assigned in 1887. Saint Peter first opened in 1845, and its single spire was the tallest man-made structure in the city for many decades. The church is located very near City Hall, and not too many blocks from where the Crusham and Colgan families lived, so it is very conceivable that this was the location of their marriage ceremony.
Saint Peter in Chains
Conceive is a good word for this couple, as they did a lot of it over the next 21 years.

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