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Family History Writing Challenge Day 6

First Electric Streetcar 1889
By 1913 when the Crusham family moved to the west side of Cincinnati, they no longer had any immediate family living in the downtown area. Although Michael was still working for the railroad, the expansion of the electric streetcar system made it possible to get to his job from a more suburban area. Cincinnati had horse-drawn streetcars as early as 1859, but the electric cars did not come into play until 1889. These streetcars probably played a factor in Michael's decision to make this kind of move.
Cincinnati Streetcar Routes 1911
Michael with daughter
Mary & Agnes
Michael and Catherine's oldest son, Michael Aloysius, married Barbara Metz in 1911. Michael A. was a pressman, and he and Barbara set up their own household in Cincinnati. The second oldest child, Edward, married Ida Coyne in 1915. Edward was a salesman, and he and his wife lived in their own home as well.

The 1920 census indicates that Michael is 68 years of age, and seven of their nine children are still living with them at the home on West Liberty. By 1930 only the three youngest, Thomas, John and Dorothy, are still living with Michael and Catherine. This census also indicates that Michael is a naturalized citizen, and that he owns the house, valued at $8,000.

The other children married as follows: Mary married Lawrence Schwartz in 1923; Clara married William Frese in 1921; Charles married Edna Sauer in 1923; Agnes married Walter Volz in 1921; Thomas married Barbara Keckler after 1930; and John married Iona (maiden name unknown) after 1930. The youngest child, Dorothy, became a nun.

Michael & Catherine
Michael J. Crusham was 75 years old and retired when he died at home on 23 July 1937. His obituary remembers him as a man who was noted for Irish Folk Dances. His wife and all nine of his children survived him, which was quite something in a time period where many children died shortly after birth or through childhood diseases. His story carried on through Catherine and the children.

Michael's Obituary

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