Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Approaching the Libraries

I have become friends with Tom, director of my local library, through a local writers group on Facebook. I stopped in the library this morning to show the book to him, albeit a copy still stuck on doing the wave, and asked his advice on my next step to getting it into libraries. He admired the book, and recommended that I downplay the helpful forms section of the book. Libraries don't like those as people tend to, well... write on the forms.

He suggested coming up with a flier describing the book, and listing any quotes from reviewers. The fliers can be left behind with any libraries I visit, and can be mailed to those I can't get to personally. He also asked where my invoice is. I'm pretty sure I gave him a "huh?" look. He said I'll need to leave an invoice with the book at each library. Okay, another item on the "To Do" list. It sounds as though I will need to approach each of the libraries within the Municipal Library Consortium of St. Louis County separately. Darn it! I was hoping they had a central buyer of books. St. Louis County Library is on my hit list, of course. But Tom advised me to also contact St. Louis City Library. He is confident they will want more than one copy of the book for their branches.

On a different note, the Book House, which sells new and used books in St. Louis, heard about my book and wants to carry copies. In an email, the owner asked what discount I am offering to bookstores. Yet another "huh?" moment for me. I thought the bookstores would have an agreement waiting for my signature. I'll do some research and talk with other authors to see what is fair to both parties. I don't want my naievete to get me screwed with the other retailers.

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