Monday, November 23, 2009

My First Review!

Over the weekend I received my first written review of the book from a man in Liberty, MO. I had just mailed him a copy on November 18th. The reason he was interested in a book from St. Louis County is that he is researching an 1860's farm house that once belonged to his ancestors in north county. Here is what he said:

I just finished reading your great book. At last an updated and very informational guide book
to researching your home in St. Louis County. I really appreciate the large print, the pictures and story of the Morton family. Your home is so beautiful, the connection made with Holly Burt, and I love the ending with George Barnett in question! Let me know your findings on this. Congratulations again Kim! Great book for all of us researchers.
Stan Busken

I could not be more thrilled - this is exactly why I wrote the book. To have its usefulness confirmed by an active researcher means a great deal to me. I asked for and received permission to add this review to the book's website. Hopefully I'll have more testimonials to add to this one!

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