Friday, November 20, 2009

More Places to Buy the Book

The St. Louis Genealogical Society has agreed to sell my book on consignment at the office store, so yesterday I dropped off five copies. Their agreement is to keep $5.00 of every book sold, leaving me with $12.00 (they round the book price up so they don't have to deal with change.) That is actually more money then I'll make selling through a book store.

My second stop of the day on Thursday was to the gift shop of the Webster Groves Historical Society. I had agreed to donate a book for the Webster-Kirkwood Friendship dance, which has a silent auction going on in addition to dinner and dancing. All the money raised during the auction will benefit the two high schools, even though this dance is put on by the two historical societies. While dropping off the book, I inquired about the possibility of having the local historical society sell my book in the gift shop. They readily agreed, so I left five books on consignment with them. I'll donate 20% of the book price on each book sold to the organization. they have a boutique and open house coming up on December 6th, so that should be good exposure for the book.

Better than agreeing to carry my books in the gift shop is the fact that they asked if I would do a presentation next year at one of the historical society meetings. They would like me to do a program on how to get started with your research, and sign copies of the book. Yes!

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Bravo!!! The business side of marketing and PR.