Monday, February 13, 2017

Family History Writing Challenge Day 13

Joseph and Josephine Kubler's second son, William, was 19 when his mother married John Frederick in 1889. William was a wood carver just like his grandfather, father, and brother Henry. On 14 May 1894 he married Nellie Young in Connersville. Their officiant was Father Rudolf of St. Gabriel's Church. A daughter, Pearl, was born 1 August 1895, and a son Leslie on 10 November 1896.

William and Nellie lived in Connersville until at least 1917. By the 1920 federal census they were located in Los Angeles, while their daughter Nellie along with her husband and son were living in Detroit. Son Leslie lived with his sister and her family in Michigan.

William worked as a wood carver in a factory. The 1930 census indicated that their 14-year-old grandson William McCormick (daughter Pearl's child) was now living with them in Los Angeles.  Pearl was divorced and renting an apartment in San Francisco in the 1930 census. She was employed as a saleslady in a department store.

William and Nellie lived the remainder of their lives in California. Nellie died 25 January 1937 in Los Angeles. She was 62. She is buried in Roosevelt Memorial Park Cemetery. William lived to the age of 73, passing on 27 November 1843 in Contra Costa, California. He was still living in Los Angeles when he was 71, but perhaps he moved to the San Francisco area to be close to his daughter Pearl as he neared the end of his life.

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