Friday, February 3, 2017

Family History Writing Challenge Day 3

Life continued on at a steady pace for the Küblers on their farm in Büsserach. Through the efforts of the Congress of Vienna, which met in Vienna from 1814-15 following the Napoleonic wars, the borders of Switzerland and its neutrality were established. One thing that Maria Anna (Saner) Kübler did not have to worry about was sending her boys off to war.

But just because they were not soldiers did not mean she was safe from losing them, however. On 23 August 1833, her youngest son Usus Victor died. He was just 18 years old. Of her 5 children, only 2 remained. A family of 6 had become a family of 3. It must have been a relief and joy to her when her remaining two boys Vinzenz and Johannes were married and began having families of their own.

St. Peter
On 15 November 1841, Vinzenz married Carolina Borer. Also from Büsserach, Carolina was born 10 February 1814 to Urs Borer and Maria (Saner) Borer. It is unknown if she had any siblings. Vinzenz and Carolina had the following children: Urs Viktor, born 1 September 1842; Pius, born 17 April 1844; Adelrich, born 6 December 1845; and Vinzenz Josef, born 14 March 1848.
marriage of Vinzenz and Carolina
The marriage date of Johannes and Maria Elisabetha Antonia Magdalena Saner is unknown. From their union in Büsserach came two sons: Adolf, born in 1845; and Adelheid, born 21 February 1849. As their two children were born in Solothurn, it is quite probable that Johannes and Maria left Büsserach and set up their household elsewhere.

Vinzenz and his family continued to live on the farm with his mother Carolina until 1854. Something happened early that year that would change the lives of Vinzenz, his family, and future Kübler family members as well.

Kübler land in Büsserach

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