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Family History Writing Challenge Day 16

On her application for a marriage license on 23 July 1912, Lillian Hungler stated that she was living at 928 Wells Street, which was the home of her grandparents Michael and Anna (Willard) Cramer. Wells Street was in the East Price Hill neighborhood. She listed her employment as a saleslady. She further indicates that she was 18 on 22 October 1911, which was inaccurate. In fact, she was just 16 on that date. While it is possible she did not know her birth year, it is more likely she put that on the application in order to avoid the issues that came along with being a minor trying to get married.

Joseph Kubler, on the same application, was living at 1523 Cutter and his occupation was a conductor. Cutter was located in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood near downtown Cincinnati. As the city directories show him to be employed as a clerk, it is probable that he was a band conductor as opposed to a conductor on a train. Joseph was quite musically inclined, and involved with musicians throughout the years.

The newlyweds set up their household at 525 David Street in the Over-the-Rhine district, and on 5 September 1913 daughter Ethel joined the family. This child was no doubt named for Joseph's baby sister who died when she was 10 months old.  Just one month after the birth of his first child, Joseph lost his mother Louisa. The family stayed in this home for three years before moving to 509 Clinton Street, and during the years on David Street, Joseph was employed as a driver.

A son, LeRoy, was born on 29 June 1917. By the 1920 census, they lived on 15th Street and Joseph was employed as a traveling salesman in the shoe polish industry. Between 1921-1926, Joseph was an insurance agent. Daughter Mary Jane was born on 10 April 1925, and by the 1930 census the family was on Bauer Street and Joseph was again employed as a salesman, this time for the coffee business. Later that year the baby of the family, Gloria, was born.

1937 flood
Like most of America, Cincinnati had its share of problems during the great depression of the 1930s. But other cities did not have to also cope with a major natural disaster at the same time. The Cincinnati flood of 1937 was the result of record-breaking rainfall amounts. The Ohio River crested at 79.9 feet. Flood stage for the river is 52 feet. One-fifth of the City of Cincinnati was under water. No matter what Joseph was selling in his job at that time, between the depression and the flood things must have been tight for the family. Fortunately they had moved out of the downtown area to Price Hill by this point, so their home was not impacted by the flood.

Lillian and Joseph in 1958
In the 1940 federal census Joseph was still showing salesman as his occupation. But inside he always had a desire to own his own business. An opportunity came his way when Jim's Pony Keg went up for sale. Somewhat unique to southwestern Ohio, a pony keg was a small store tucked away in a neighborhood that sold beer, wine, tobacco products, pop, candy, chips and other small items. Located at 112 Monitor in the Sayler Park community, Joseph operated a delicatessen in the location as well. He held onto the store until 1965, selling it when he was 74.

Joseph and Lillian celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1962. Mass was said at St. William Church in Price Hill, and a reception followed in the church hall. All of their children, grandchildren, and many relatives and friends came to congratulate the couple on a momentous milestone in their lives.
50th wedding anniversary

Joseph's stone
On 29 June, 1969, his son LeRoy's birthday, Joseph died of congestive heart failure at the age of 77. He had been hospitalized for 5 weeks for the condition. His attending physician was his daughter Mary Jane's husband, Kevin McGann. Joseph's highest education completed was 8th grade, yet throughout his working years he always managed to keep a roof over the head of his family, and food on the table. He was very good with people, which lent itself well to working in sales and ultimately owning his own business. He was greatly mourned when he passed.

Note: Joseph's headstone has the incorrect year of birth. He was born in 1891.

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