Friday, December 4, 2009

Permanent Wave

I received a call around 11:15 today that my books were ready to be picked up at the printers. I dashed up there after a haircut and a quick stop at the local bookstore to see how their supply of my books was holding up. The owner thinks she has only sold one copy, but there is a big event going on Saturday and Sunday, so hopefully she will sell a few more. Anyway, once at the printers I immediately pulled a few books out of the box to examine. Due to my last experience, I stacked a few on a nearby shelf. And what do I see? Yep, the books are doing the wave thing again. Unbelievable! I talked to a couple of the employees, and they said they had never seen anything like it.

I decided to hang around and wait for my salesman to show up to see what he would have to say for himself. He was definitely aware of my experience with the first printer, and thought that the problem I had there was with the way that printer had cut the paper. When Rick arrived he couldn't believe the way the books looked. (Again, I ask, where is the quality control?) He tried running the book again on 70 lb and 60 lb paper, with the same results. Then he tried both paper stocks on their color printer because apparently the paper feeds differently through a color printer. No luck... So what in the world is the problem? (Except for the fact that I have two book signings this weekend and no high quality books to sell.) I'm not sure, but it is obvious this printer can't fix it. Rick said he would sell me the books at his cost if I wanted them. I took him up on the offer. What else was I supposed to do?

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Who would think that your book would be stricken with the wave again? That is so odd! So it happens before the binding process? What did the salesman, or anyone else, at PAS printers say about other books they've printed in the same size as yours?

I do love the title of this blog post, however.