Friday, April 15, 2011

My Index Fingers

So it is now Friday and I am still working on the index. I actually got it all typed up yesterday, and my fingers were quite tired by the end of the process. Now I am going through the book line by line to make sure all the page numbers for the indexed items are listed. This is a tedious process, and I have a new found respect for book indexers. I can't imagine doing this for a 300 page book!

I am still confused about how certain items should appear in the index. For example, if I am listing Corporal LeRoy Kubler, should it be written Kubler, Corporal Leroy? Then it gets more complicated if the soldier is a Jr. Where does the Jr. appear in the listing? I have googled this issue to no avail. I may need to go to the book store or library and read some indexes for proper etiquette on this. I have posted the question on one of the many online writing/publishing groups I belong to, so hopefully someone can give me a reference. Dummies Guide to Indexing, perhaps?

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