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Family History Writing Challenge Day 8

Michael A. Crusham

Note: The Crusham family story continues at this point with Michael and Catherine's son, Michael Aloysius, who was my grandfather.

Michael A. Crusham
Michael A. was the eldest child of Michael and Catherine, and the fourth generation to carry the name Michael. He attended St. Patrick's School, where he learned to read and write. There he was educated through the 8th grade. The first time that he appears in a Cincinnati Directory is 1906, when he was 19 years of age. At that time he was still living at home along with his parents and seven of his siblings, one of whom was an infant. His youngest sister Dorothy would not be born for two more years.

The directory listed Michael as being employed as a pressman. The duties of a pressman were to adjust the forms on the press, feed the paper, supply the ink, and regulate the press.

Pressmen at work circa 1900
Michael met his future bride Mary Barbara (Mayme) Metz in a manner that tied back into how his parents met. Mayme's good friend was named Rose Kenney, and she would often spend the night at Rose's house. Where did Rose live? In the same building on Mill Street where Michael lived with his parents and siblings. It would seem the structure was something of a match-maker!

Mayme was born in Cincinnati on 5 February 1890 to Peter Metz and Bridget Maher Metz. She was the second oldest of five children: Helen, born in 1888; Alice, born in 1892; Stella, born in 1893; and Walter, born in 1895. Peter Metz was born in Insheim, Germany in 1862, but emigrated to the United States with his mother and a few siblings in 1865 after his father died of a bee sting. Bridget was born in Wabash, Indiana in 1856.

The Metz family lived on Shady Avenue in Delhi at the time Mayme met Michael. She was working in a dressmaking shop. They married at Resurrection Church on 21 June 1911. Michael was 23 and Mayme was 21.

Marriage Application

Michael Crusham, Edward Crusham
Mayme Metz, Stella Metz

The young couple first lived at 314 Stone, and Michael continued his work as a pressman. This is the residence where their first two children were born. Was life good to the newlyweds?

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