Saturday, April 20, 2019

Wolterman Genealogy - Week 15

Franziskus Henricus Woerdehoff was born in Hegensdorf, Westphalia, Germany on 14 March 1747. He was the youngest son of Mathias and Anna Maria (Rinschen) Woerdehoff. On 24 January 1775, Franziskus married Catherine Margaretha Bickmann in Hegensdorf.

Franziskus and Catherine had the following children: Johannes (whom I wrote about last week) born 1775; Alexander born 1777, Angela born 1779; and Anna Maria born 1783. Catherine died in Hegensdorf on 1 November 1808 at the age of 56. Franziskus was 62 when he died the next year on the 26th of July.

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