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Wolterman Genealogy - Week 17

So far I have covered the Wolterman, Determan and Woerdehoff families in my husband’s tree. The next series of posts will focus on Theresa (Determan) Wolterman’s mother and her family.

Theresa’s mother was Mary Anna Luchtel. Mary was born 17 June 1873, the first child of Herman Bernard and Sophia (Grote) Luchtel. Though Mary was born in Dyersville, Dubuque County, Iowa, by the time the 1880 census was taken, the Luchtel family resided in Wheatland Township, Carroll County, Iowa. That’s a distance of nearly 223 miles!

Iowa map

It is interesting to think that if the Luchtel family had not made the move, Mary would have never met Johann August Determan, whom she married in Breda, Carroll County, Iowa on 27 January 1891 when she was just 17 years old. Their marriage and a listing of their children was covered in Week 8, which can be found here.

Mary and August’s story was also covered in Week 7, which can be found here. Seven years after the death of August on 18 March 1910 in Butte, Boyd County, Nebraska, Mary married Bernard Clemens Schulte (known as Clem) and moved with 4 of her children to the Schulte farm in Breda, Carroll County, Iowa. The 1920 census for Wheatland Township indicates that Clem and Mary were living on the farm with Clem’s children Sarah, Mary, and Edward, and Mary’s children Clement, Theresa, Martha and Joseph.

Clem died in Breda on 11 March 1930 at the age of 81, leaving Mary a widow at only 56 years of age. The 1930 census shows her renting a home that is not located on a farm. Her son Joseph is living with her. By the 1940 census, Mary was living alone in a home in Breda that she owned on Artz Street. This is a relatively short street that runs between N. 1st St. and N. 2nd St., within easy walking distance of St. Bernard’s Church. Further information on the census shows that Mary was living in the same house in 1935, and that the highest grade she had completed in school was 6th grade.

Mary was 82 when she died in Fairfax, Renville County, Minnesota on 25 November 1955. It is probable that she had relocated to the Fairfax area to be close to her daughter, Theresa (Determan) Wolterman, and her family. Mary was buried by her first husband, August Determan, at Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery in Butte, Nebraska.

Mary's stone

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