Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brain Scan

Today's contribution to the book was having the ship "newsletters" scanned at my husband's office. When I tried to scan them on my 10 year old home scanner, the ink from the reverse side of the newsletter read through. Jim had just purchased a new high-end scanner/printer for the landscape architecture firm, so I decided to see what the new smart scanner could do. Not only do I want to include the newsletters in my book, if they are still legible when reduced to a 6"x9" format, I promised my new friend Harry at the USS General Anderson website that I would email them to him.

Because I didn't want to be the one to break a machine that costs more than the average family makes in a year, I had Mindy scan the documents for me. The plan was to scan them directly to my email. The machine is super-fast, so before long she hit the "Send" button. Failed. Are you smarter than a scanner?

Maybe my mailbox couldn't handle the file size? Super-expensive scanner did not store the documents, so Mindy had to start over, this time emailing them to herself. Failed. On the third try she scanned only six pages at a time to email to herself. She then put the documents on a thumb drive for me to bring home. Success! Now I just need to place them in the book, and see if Harry's inbox can handle this size file!

1 comment:

Mrs. Wryly said...

Ouch, that is one expensive scanner. Good thing Mindy knows how to operate it.

Don't blow up Harry's brain on this one.