Friday, February 26, 2010

A Sign of the "Times"

The assistant editor of the Webster-Kirkwood Times and one of their photographers came to my house this morning to talk to me about my book "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed(room)?" The photographer snapped a number of pictures outside in front of our house, and then more inside at the dining room table with me holding up my book. The she headed out for her next assignment.

Marty Harris immediately put me at ease as she began by talking about the history of my house, and my adventures in trying to obtain a century home plaque. This then led to a discussion of why I wrote the book. I explained the long, sometimes tedious process of searching for appropriate records, and the lack of anyone or thing to guide you. She asked for some how-to pointers that she could put in the article for others who want to get started in the process. We talked about the other properties I have been researching, and she asked if I was doing this as a business. I told her I have enough to do with the other businesses we own. (Put in a plug for ORMI if she ever needs a resource for composting.)

In preparation for Marty's arrival I finally came up with a Media Release I am somewhat comfortable with, so I gave her that along with an author bio. I also gave her a copy of an article I had written several years ago on how I researched my house, and provided her with the information about my talk on March 21 at the Webster Groves Historical Society. Hopefully we'll get a little plug for the meeting.

All in all, she was here over an hour and we covered some good material. I'm a little disheartened though, because I think she is going to put this article in the Real Estate special section that they do once a year. No one reads that except people looking for a house (and how many are out there right now?) and realtors. Bummer! But what are you going to do when it's free?


Linda Austin said...

Post it on your website as a forever-pdf. Add it to your list of credentials. Mention it in your media releases and to indie bookstores that might carry it (list on your website where they can be found locally for when the article comes out) and link to it on Twitter (use #StLouis hashtag) and Facebook. Use it to the max!

Kim Wolterman said...

Thanks, Linda!