Sunday, February 12, 2017

Family History Writing Challenge Day 12

Father Rudolph
At the age of 22, four years after the death of his father Joseph, Henry Kubler (my great-grandfather) married 20-year-old Louisa Boegel. On 18 January 1891, Father Rudolph joined the couple in Holy Matrimony at St. Gabriel's Church in Connersville. The priest offered a "dispensation from the impediment of mixed religion", as the bride was not Catholic. Louisa was born in Cincinnati in July of 1871 to Johann Boegel and Sophie (Suhre) Boegel, who were both from Westfalen, Prussia. Louisa was the 4th of 7 children born to Johann and Sophie.

Louisa was employed as a tailoress in Cincinnati when she and Henry met. It would be interesting to know how they met as Henry was working as a wood carver - a trade he no doubt learned from his father - in Connersville. He and Louisa not only married in Connersville, but they also set up their household in that community of around 4,500 people. Perhaps it was because Louisa was expecting when they got married. Their son Joseph Henry Kubler was born in Connersville on 22 July 1891. He was joined in August of 1894 by a sister named Ethel. Unfortunately, Ethel died on 3 June 1895 in Indianapolis.

Later in 1895 the family of 3 had settled in Cincinnati. His mother was married to her second husband and had a small child, so Henry must have felt comfortable leaving her behind. His two brothers were still in the area to look after her in the case she needed anything. Henry continued his occupation as a wood carver in Cincinnati, and then became a painter. Louisa was again working as a tailoress.

Henry Kubler's stone
On 11 February 1902, Henry died of an abscess of lung complicated by lobar pneumonia. He was just 34 years old. His burial preparations were handled by a funeral home in Connersville, and he was buried at City Cemetery there in the Kubler plot alongside his father and younger brother Alfred.

At the age of 31, Louisa found herself a widow with a 10-year-old son to care for on her own. It wasn't long before she found a help-mate in Charles Brinkman, and they were married on 9 November 1903 in Cincinnati. A son, Charles, was born to the couple on 6 January 1907.

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