Thursday, February 23, 2017

Family History Writing Challenge Day 19

The fourth and final child of Joseph and Lillian (Hungler) Kubler was born several years after her siblings. Because she is still living, her exact birth information will not be shared. When she was 20 she married Robert Carle. Robert was the third of 4 children, and the only boy. He was 21 at the time of their marriage.

Robert was in the US Marine Corp, and the couple resided for a few years in Santa Ana, California. They later moved back to the Cincinnati area. Gloria and Robert had four children: Sandra, Robert, Michael and Teresa. All of the children are living except for Michael. He was born in Ohio 29 September 1956. He died at the age of 8 on 30 June 1964 at the University of Cincinnati General Hospital. His older sister Sandy was on vacation with our family when her brother died.

Gloria Carle
Gloria experienced something in 1962 that most of us only read about in the newspapers. In fact, people in Cincinnati and elsewhere around the United States did read about her on the front page of The Cincinnati Enquirer on 7 December 1962. The previous morning she had answered the door of her home when she was alone with her youngest two children only to be kidnapped at gunpoint by a man who forced her to leave the children alone. She was so concerned that he might harm her son and daughter that she did as she was told.

The man made her drive the car some distance before having her pull over and lay down on the back seat. The kidnapper took over driving the car and soon picked up an accomplice before heading to the Southern Ohio National Bank at White Oak Shopping Center. With a gun pointed at her side, Gloria entered the bank with the two men, who proceeded to rob the bank of $39,500. They fled the bank in Gloria's car after forcing her and all of the employees into the bank vault. The employees waited awhile before exiting the vault, which had not been locked when the gunmen shut the door, and called the police. After questioning everyone, one of the policemen drove Gloria home where she was reunited with her children. Her car was recovered in Mt. Airy, about 3 miles from the bank, within an hour of the holdup.

One can only imagine how terrified she, as well as the bank employees, must have been. And Gloria had the additional distress of knowing that her children were not being cared for while she was gone. She must have wondered if she would ever see them and the rest of her family again.

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