Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Bloom is Off the Rose

So I called my print mis-manager today since he never gave me the courtesy of a return call after I left a message for him regarding the streaked books. In a nutshell, he is through with me. He said they could either refund my money or reprint the 44 books. But the printer used on my books is broken down (No fake? Is it because it is leaving streaks across the pages of everything they print on it???) He doesn't know when it will be fixed, when they could get the new books done for me, blah, blah, blah. But he doesn't have a problem refunding my money. Really? "Why would you have a problem refunding money to me when nearly half of my books can't be sold?", I asked incredulously. I told him to give my money back. Which he actually did by this afternoon, crediting me for 50 books. Big of him, since I made 5 extra trips due to their screw-ups, stressed over having the books in time for my signing, was embarrassed when a customer pointed out the streaking, and am now put in the position of trying to find a new printer so I can have a sufficient quantity of books before my next event.

On to better news...This morning I dropped off my business cards with the Director of the Webster Groves Library, as he had requested them for a meeting. That has already paid off with an order coming from the Kirkwood Public Library. Woo, hoo!

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