Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking the Baby in for Cosmetic Surgery

I called my production manager bright and early this morning (meaning as soon as they opened at 8:30), and I'm sure I made his day by telling him that there is a problem with my book. I explained the wavy look, which is pretty hard to describe without seeing it. He asked if I could bring the books back to him. Confirming that I would bring them this morning, I decided to stop at a local bookshop to see if the owner would give me an opinion about the condition of the books. After all, I might be making a mountain out of a molehill.

This particular bookstore does not generally carry self-published books. In fact she only carries one - my friend Ann Milford's book "How to Marry the Wrong Guy". (Which was just picked up by an imprint of Penguin books - yay, Anne!) Stopping in would give me a chance to show the owner my book while asking her advice. She confirmed that had she received a shipment looking like that, she would have returned them. She then looked further at my book, and said she wanted to have 10 copies for an event that is going on at her shop tomorrow night - she would even take 10 in their current condition, if need be! Then she was talking about book signings in December and/or January, doing a small lecture at the shop at the same time. I told her I'll see what happens with the books, and bring 10 back to her one way or the other tomorrow. Wow!

At the printers, they concurred that there was a humidity issue with the book. They hadn't noticed the wave as they packed up the books for me. Maybe that's true, or maybe they thought as a new author I wouldn't know any better. Regardless, they will first try to straighten the books with a dehumidifier. If that doesn't work, they will reprint the books. When reminded of my book signing on Sunday, I was assured I would have the books by Friday. Another lesson learned - whether you pick up your books or have them delivered, take them out right away and check them over. I was lucky that I had picked them up myself, as I understand that sometimes the printer tries to blame the trucking company and the trucking company blames the printer, and there you are stuck in the middle. I just stuck with my guns.

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Awesome! The orders are coming in! I love the cover; especially the part that says: by Kim Wolterman.

I knew her "when"!

Congratulations! And, bravo for sticking to those guns!